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Leaders are forged during times of crisis and the Covid pandemic revealed which of our elected officials stood for freedom and liberty and those that stood against it. Those that led with fear forced mandates, ignored our civil rights, and violated their oath of office. Those that led with strength stood in their way to fight back and protect our freedoms and liberties granted by God and ensured by the constitution. As County Commissioner, Joey hopes to bring back faith in government and will always push back against government overreach. Joey views every constituent, regardless of political affiliation, as equals and will always have an open door to listen and address your concerns. Joey understands that communities thrive when they are kept safe, free, and unburdened by government regulations and onerous taxes. Joey will ensure that property rights are protected while providing transparency and accountability to the residence of Brevard County. Joey will be your voice and considers it a great honor to be your representative on the County Commission.



Brevard residents are blessed to live within the complex yet fragile eco-system of the Indian River lagoon, along with a coastline of endless miles of beautiful sandy beaches. Joey understands the importance of finding balance between the needs of the community while also protecting our beautiful natural environment. He hopes to increase community awareness to help educate residents on how they can reduce their footprint while supporting projects focused on improving water quality, sea grass conditions, and reducing pollutants. The IRL contributes to our way of life and our economy, and it is our duty to repair the damage done by protecting threatened and endangered species and ensuring we restore and preserve our lagoon for future generations to come.


As an entrepreneur, Joey understands that to have a strong economy, you need a free economy. When businesses are free from heavy-handed government and burdensome regulations, it promotes economic growth, new opportunities, and continued prosperity.  With consistent annual increases in the Brevard County population thanks in part to the success of private space industry, it is important that we stay ahead of the curve to prepare our roadways, bridges, and utilities to accommodate our future residents and neighbors. Joey Backs the Blue & Red will fight to ensure they never lack the funding to perform at the highest levels. He believes that community safety is the foundation for families to thrive, neighborhoods to grow, and  businesses to flourish. 


On day one as your County Commissioner, Joey will take an oath to support, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States and the State of Florida. He will ensure that every vote he takes never violates your God given rights or prohibits you from enjoying the public facilities and beaches you pay for. He promises to utilize wise fiscal restraint and implement common-sense spending while scrutinizing the budget to stop wasteful government expenditures and over taxation. Joey will never forget that it is your money, not the County's.